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About Us

Captain Fargo is designed by a professional team as a travel platform that allows our guests to book a private gulet or a cabin in a gulet, in order to experience an unforgettable Blue Voyage. It was founded in 2019 by 3 entrepreneurial engineers who see blue voyage as an experience rather than a holiday. As Captain Fargo family, our aim is to provide the best service according to your needs at every step from the purchase stage to the end of your vacation so that you can have an unforgettable Blue Voyage experience.

Eralp Can
Eralp Can
Co-Founder & CEO
Cenk Medeni
Cenk Medeni
Co-Founder & Growth Marketing
Burcu Akpınar
Burcu Akpınar
Özge Şahinler
Özge Şahinler
İçerik Yöneticisi

Discover the best Blue Voyage opportunities with Captain Fargo!

In our platform, all the options and details about Blue Voyage (such as renting a cabin or a private boat) are provided to our guests in a step-by-step and easy-to-follow manner.

Here, you can monitor all the details that are related with Blue Voyage such as the price, gulet and route options and select the best options that fit you & your group and turn your Blue Voyage plans into reality.

As Captain Fargo, we care deeply about your holiday to be an exceptional experience.

Pay Online - 100% secure

With Captain Fargo’s secure payment infrastructure, you can reserve your private gulet or cabin by paying half of the total price online.

All inclusive, no unexpected extra costs!

During your search for a Blue Voyage, you might notice that in other platforms there are lots of extra services that are hidden in details.

As Captain Fargo, we provide this experience as an all-inclusive service concept for you, free of unexpected expenses.

After you are happy with your selections in reservations page, 50% of the total price you see there is the amount to be paid in advance to Captain Fargo, while the remainder 50% is to be paid to the captain when you get on the gulet. You will not be charged with any other expenses other then these, with the exception of alcoholic drinks. Please see the section below for alcoholic drinks.

Tasty options on board!

Delicious food is the must-have of any vacation. That’s why we care deeply about the quality and taste of the ration (meals) we offer on the gulet. If you are booking a cabin, ration will be included in your price. If you are booking a private gulet, you are free to choose your holiday either with or without our ration. Our ration includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, soft drinks and water. Alcoholic drinks are not included in the price.

You can bring your own alcoholic drinks with you, if you wish to do so.

Match with people who have similar interests to you while booking a cabin!

When you book a cabin, you share the gulet with our other guests. As Captain Fargo, we aim to match you with the most appropriate gulet and the guests; and we ask for your interests in order to do so.

Pay less with Friendship No.!

We offer you a way to pay less for your cabin booking, when you are going on a voyage as Captain Fargo guests. After you successfully booked a cabin, we will share an unique Friendship No. with you, which you can share to invite your friends to book the same gulet & date as you. If the Friendship No. you have is used in other cabin booking transactions for a minimum total of 12 people, 1 person of your cabin will enjoy the holiday on us, free of charge.

Blue Voyage with Captain Fargo

Unforgettable scenery, unspoiled bays and a great holiday is waiting for you to discover. Come and experience all these in full with us.