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The Best Blue Cruise Routes In Turkey



The Best Blue Cruise Routes In Turkey

Who wouldn't want to get lost in the depths of the blue waters by taking the enormous wind that blows slightly behind them? If you are one of the sea enthusiasts, you can make your most enormous holiday by examining Turkey's best Blue Cruise routes. To spend an unforgettable summer holiday with your family and loved ones, you can choose the most beautiful and pleasant bays of Turkey and enjoy the Blue Cruise.

If you want to enjoy a perfect holiday in our country's unique bays surrounded by seas on three sides, let's examine Turkey's most beautiful Blue Cruise routes together.

The most spectacular blue routes in Turkey

Turkey's most spectacular Blue Route list can be detailed as follows.

Marmaris-Bozburun – Hisaronu

One of the great places that come to mind when it comes to the Blue Cruise route is the Bozburun Peninsula. Blue Cruise route alternatives on Bozburun Peninsula, which have unique and infinite natural beauty, can be grouped in two ways.

The first Blue Cruise route includes Adatepe Bay, Kocabahçe Bay, Kuzbükü Bay, and Dirsekbükü Bay. The places on this tour are located to the west of the peninsula. The second route group includes Pirate Bay, Arabian Island, Serce Port, and Gebekse Bay. These places are also located in the south of the peninsula. Marmaris Bays; Kadırga Port, Kumlubük, Arabian Island, Serce Port, Loryma (Bozuk Kale) Port, Gebekisse Bay



Gökova Bay, which covers the Datça and Bodrum peninsulas, offers a magnificent experience with its unique view, sheltered bays, and pine-smelling forests. Çamlı Port, Çanak Bay, Karacasöğüt, Değirmen Bükü, Okluk Bay and English Port Gökova blue are must-have stops on your route.


Gocek, a magnificent holiday route that admires everyone who sees it, is like heaven with its coves that extend a person's life. Gocek, which is among the most popular and preferred holiday routes in Turkey, offers a magnificent view with its peaceful blue waters and forests. It is possible to express that the most popular stops are Hamam Bay, Siralibuk, Kille Bay, Sarsala Bay, Pig Island, Yassica Islands, Shipyard Island, Manatir Bay, Göbün, and Gocek Island.



Do you want to experience an extraordinary experience at the meeting point of the Aegean and Mediterranean? Then we invite you to a tour of Fethiye – Kekova with captain Fargo privileges. We can already say that you will experience unforgettable moments in this geography, where natural beauties and historical ruins are almost intertwined. In the minutes that pass by oscillating between bays and islands, you will be enchanted not only by the Azure colors of the sea but also by the green image of nature.

With the Fethiye-Kekova tour, you will be able to enjoy spending time in the following bays and places. Tarzan Bay, Gemile Bay, the Blue Lagoon, Butterfly Valley, Firnaz Bay, Kaş, Kekova, Simena, Üç Ağız, Batık Şehir, Gökkaya

If you want to spend time with your loved ones or family on one of the above routes, you should enjoy Captain Fargo's privileges! You can enjoy the best prices by contacting us.