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Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine a holiday in which you are embraced by beautiful nature, exploring lands and bays which are only available to discover by sea travel. A holiday which provides unique sunrise and sunset scenery with all the nature’s beauty and motion in front of your eyes. A holiday in which rich blue sea greets you directly in the morning, and stars provide a magical atmosphere for a good night’s sleep. Without having to worry about what to eat, maybe getting the chance to start reading that book you have been longing for a long time, and meeting great people from all the world. This, is what is called a Blue Voyage or a Blue Tour.

Private yacht charter allows you to rent the whole boat for you and your friends. In private yacht charter, boat selection, tour schedule, food menu and tour programme are determined by your choices. Our experienced crew provides exclusive service to you & your friends. According to your group size, you can book a boat with ration (food) or without ration.

If you are on a budget, cabin charter would suit your needs. Without needing to form a group, you can rent a cabin for one or 2 people. Cabin charter unlocks you to meet our other guests from all over the world and lets you enjoy a pleasant holiday while making new friends.

At Captain Fargo, our standard cabin charter experience is different to what is offered in the market: In order place the right people to the right boat, we ask some questions to understand your interests. This helps us to set you up for a better holiday experience.
After you’ve booked your cabin, we also provide you with a “Friendship No” which you can share with your friends & family to invite them to the same boat as you – this way you can fill up the whole boat with your people if you wish to do so (min. 15 people). If the whole boat is booked using your Friendship No, your (the person who created that Friendship No) holiday will be paid by us. Cabins are for 2 people, and 1 persons’ booking will be paid by us. Isn’t it great? Share and enjoy your free holiday!  

If you are looking to organise your Blue Voyage the way you prefer and enjoy a more luxurious holiday, the best option for you is to “Rent A Private Boat”. This way, the whole boat will be yours.


If your group of people is not enough to rent a whole boat, or you want to socialise and make new friends, “Cabin Rental” is a better option for you. This way you can book 1 or more cabins, and cabins are for 2 people. A little reminder: You can still rent a private boat with this option. For details, please read the “What’s Friendship No?” section below.

After you complete your cabin rental purchase, you will be shared with a “Friendship No”. You can share this code with your friends to invite them to same boat as you. This means that you can form your own group and when there’s a minimum of 12 people who have rented cabins with the same Friendship No., the boat will be private for you and 1 person’s holiday will be paid by us.

The Friendship No. you’ve received from your friend should be entered in the “Search with Friendship No.” in our Homepage. After this, you will be directed to the details page where you can finish your purchase.

Because we want your boat holiday to be more fun and pleasant. When you purchase your holiday as a cabin rental, you share the boat with our other guests. Therefore we would like to match you with the people who have similar interests to you.

To rent a Blue Voyage you need to create an account. The rental transaction will be done using the information you provide us with. Also, you can see your past transactions using this account as well.

The total price includes: Provision (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and lunch), Soft Drinks, Water, Crew Service, Charter, Cabin and Harbor Tax, Hawser Fees, Gasoline & Utility Water, Clean Bath Towel & Sheet, Equipments (Masks, Snorkels, Cano, Fishing Gear) Usage Fee, Boat Insurance, Wi-Fi and VAT. The total price for private boats may differ depending on whether you rent with or without provision. The total price for cabin rental may differ depending on your choice of voyage route.

Optional land tours, historical place visit fees and alcoholic drinks are not included in the price. You can bring your own alcoholic drinks if you wish. If you have a discount card for historical places (Student ID or Museum Card) don’t forget to bring it with you.

Our ration includes Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner, Soft Drinks and Water. If there are specific foods & drinks that you really want, you are welcome to bring them with you. We would like to remind you that the storage spaces are limited within the boats.

Soft drinks and water on the boat are included in the price. Alcoholic drinks are not included in the price. You can bring your own alcoholic drinks if you wish to do so.

We are sorry to tell you that, due to the rules of boats, pets are not allowed on boats.

You can bring the clothes that are comfortable for you and also are suitable for both night and day weather conditions. Don’t forget to bring the sun travel essentials such as: atleast 2 swimwears, high-protection sunscreen, hat, sunbathing towel. In order to save space in your cabin, we recommend you to travel with light and portable bags. You can bring your slippers that are suitable for a sea holiday – we would like to remind that guests are not allowed to walk around in shoes on the boat. If you are allergic to bee and mosquito stings, please don’t forget to bring your related medications & remedies. Also, in order to spend some fun time, you can bring your board games such as Taboo, Cranium, Dixit and Uno. Most of our boats are equipped with speakers, but if have a selective music taste or would like to listen to your own playlist, you can bring your own speaker as well.

As they are harmful to the sea environment, you should not bring the followings with you: Detergents, shower gels and any chemical that might damage the sea creatures. Our boats have soaps for cleaning purposes.

Tipping is optional. In general, the guests give the tips to the captain for him to distribute to the crew. The tip might be in the range of 5% of the price you paid for the holiday.

50% of the total price should be paid in advance. The remainder 50% should be paid in cash to the captain (credit cards are not accepted on the boats). Advance payment can be paid either using a Credit Card or by ordering Bank Remittance (EFT). We would like to remind you that, if you prefer to pay by Bank Remittance,  you should provide your booking info in the description section of the Bank Remittance.

You know yourself the best. When our boats are in motion, they generally don’t lurch much (with the exception of rough weather conditions). If you have a sensitive constitution, you might want to take an appropriate medicine with you, to be on the safe side.

If you have rented a private boat and would like take a different route, you can discuss this with the captain on the boat. In this case, the total price may differ than what you already paid, depending on the route. If you have rented a cabin, it is not possible to create a different route.

Optional land tours & historical place entry fees are not included in the price. Land tours may differ depending on the number of participants and tour schedule.

All tours allow guests to get on the boat after 15:30. Timing of leaving the boat is after the breakfast of the last day, which is 10:30 am. After 10:30 am, the boat will prepared for the next group of guests.

On our boards there are a limited number of sea masks, snorkels and flippers on that are available for our guests to use. However, you can also bring your own as well.

During April, May, October the average temperature is around 22-28° C. During June, July, August and September the average temperature is around 30-38° C. The chance of rain during summer is rather low.